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A Fool and his Money 1912 Alice guy

First All Black Casting Film" A Fool and his Money "1912 Alice Guy BlacheAlong the way she directed this comedy, arguably the first with an all-Black (or Afro-American or whatever phrase you wish to use) cast. It is a well-performed comedy for the era. As all of Alice Guy's movies are, it is subtly played, although being a comedy, there are a few ridiculous touches -- the men wear boutonnières the size of sunflowers. It concerns the profligate ways of Sam Jones, played by James Russell, who finds a billfold with a lot of money, and runs through it in short order.
A Fool and His Money (1912)

Resim Bulunamadı Yapım Yılı: 1912
Ülke: USA, IMDb USA section
Tür: Short
Renkli/Renksiz: Black and White
Ses: Silent
Bütün Türler: Short, Comedy, IMDb Short section
Alice Guy
Alice Guy producer
James Russell Sam Jones
Diğer Bilgiler: Sam the white-washer pines for the affluent Lindy, but she has dumped him in favor of another. Sam finds a large sum of money, and goes to New York to enjoy a shopping spree, buying new clothes, jewelry and a car with a driver. Back home, Lindy flips for Sam and his newfound wealth, and dumps the rival. Sam throws an engagement party where he indulges in a friendly game of cards with his former rival and another man, who unbeknownst to Sam, is a card shark. Sam loses his bankroll, jewels, clothes and car in short order, Lindy runs off with the card shark, and Sam resigns himself once again to a life of white-washing. Written by David N. Lewis {}

A Fool and His Money. 1912 Women’s Film Preservation Fund Program
June 9, 2006

The Women’s Film Preservation Fund (WFPF), part of New York Women in Film and Television (NYWIFT), was established in 1995 in association with MoMA to preserve American films in which women have played a significant creative role. Since its founding, this important initiative has supported the preservation of over sixty films made between 1912 and 1990, including the works of such germinal cinematic figures as Mary Ellen Bute, Gunvor Nelson, Storm de Hirsch, Maya Deren, and the pioneer of all women filmmakers, Alice Guy-Blaché. The only fund of its kind in the world, WFPF is dedicated to saving the cultural legacy of women in film history and publicizing the need for film preservation.